Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sometimes I have delightfully inspirational little quips, sentences or sometimes full on paragraphs pop into my head. But if I'm not currently writing something, these gems just fade away. So I've decided to put them here from time to time, then coming back at a later date to retrieve them and weave them into a piece I'm working on.

Today's Nugget:

The two of them came back inside from enjoying the now looked down upon dirty habit, a cigarette. Generally this was a non-issue for May, she was used to the floating reek of nicotine following her co-worker, but today the double whammy of two smoke stacks was unbearable. However, this was not the cake topper. The ciggy-butt bonding duo were now both hacking, so deeply that May was almost certain she'd be calling the 'amber-lance' to come and haul the repair man and her co-worker away, their charred and tarred lungs plunked down into disinfectant on the ride to the hospital. Perhaps by the time of arrival, their lungs might be semi-clear and ready for a few more years of brutal assault from excessive inhaling.

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