Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Particular Order

In no particular order, a mash up of photos from Easter and others of the household dwellings....


Archow & his favorite toy

Storm clouds

Coconut icing

My shadow

Family reflection


Straight up SUGAR!

My heart

My princess pup

I Did It!

I did it - I bought my first BMW! It must be my German heritage that encouraged this purchase :)

Alpine White

German ingenuity at its finest

Bavarian Motor Works

Leather interior

X5 4.4i

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plate of Gold

Large and circular and gold - plain, no intricate design
It sits before me on the table; such contrast to silver utensils

A plate of gold - "Do not cover with anything hot!
Only cold." What a queer set of instructions
Or so I first believed

You dug down deep, you filtered and sifted
Straining your veins, sweat popping out above
Your brow - labor straight from the heart
So you said. "Cherish" the description given
As to how I should relate to this circular offering

Of course, not a burnt offering
Because it must only have cold items
Served on its dull surface - and after many
Cold meals alone with this strange element of earth
I finally understand why you offered your heart on it

Being subjected to the icy feel of that beating organ
Neither the plate, nor your heart could withstand warmth.

Some things must remain forever cold,
Even a plate of gold.


**This is a piece from the this day I still do not know where the inspiration for this came from.**

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Shots

A few photos taken with the newest addition to my collection - a Minolta Rokkor vintage 35mm. All shot in monochrome, some editing with iPhoto.


Cork - Love the saying

Dart board



Sea shell


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Love Poem

Idle Thoughts to my Lover

I give myself to you completely, without hesitation
These moments do not present themselves often
I become so entranced by you, so taken in....
I cannot catch my breath

These unrequited moments are
Jewels in my chest of memories
I contemplated the next stolen passage of time
I will be consumed with you, not mere thoughts

You invade every aspect of my life
Memories of tangled forms in the darkness
Come to my conscience at inopportune times
Leaving me to explain a sudden sigh

I remember your smell, the feel of your skin
The way my name sounds from your lips
Details so vivid in my memory, my heart
Yet I share them with no one

I cannot thank you enough for reawakening me
For instilling joy and hope within me once more
I had forgotten such emotions were nestled inside
Surrendering to you is my expression of gratitude....

~I've rediscovered some of my previous work. Though I do not know the date it was written, I believe either '99 or '00.~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Right? Write.

I haven't posted any writing lately. In part, due to the fact that I haven't written anything substantial of late. I have, however, been posting to my 750word account - and I exceed the 750 word count daily. I even signed up for the April challenge; which simply is to write 750 words every day for a month. So I use it as a brain dump - a place to purge little monsters that float around in my head. I also have an idea for a story I'm working on. It's been swimming around in the grey matter soup for a while now - I think I might be ready to start working on it. As a matter of fact, there are a few projects of the writing sort I would like to start on soon. It feels good to be inspired again. No worries on me slacking on the photography front - I plan to continue snapping away at anything that seems fun, interesting or just happens to grab my attention.

The best advice I've seen at my writing sites is simply this: write what you know. I have pondered this for some time. What, exactly, do *I* know? I know a little bit about an awful lot. But what is it that I truly know - that my heart of hearts can recite without thought? Because truly, there are many things we all know. There are very few things we are openly (or secretly) passionate about. So I consider the subject daily. I have to write about what I know - and what I know is the subject of love and all it's ups and downs. This is a subject that has held me captive since I can remember. And when you write fiction, you are able to write about what you know. In any way you choose to fantasize. With any ending you want, even if it didn't turn out that way in real life. So I'm going to take all the knowledge I've gathered along the way and write it out. With twists and turns, with ups and downs. With anything I feel is necessary to make the reader feel the love, the angst, the heartache and the joy. Some words will be facts taken right from straight from my experiences, some plucked right out of my imagination. But regardless of which are true and which might be false, the tapestry of words woven together should be one the reader can wrap themselves in, become immersed in - and feel just as strongly as I do writing/recalling the feelings.

So, with that I am off to scribble off some notes for this magnum opus I have in mind....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunnie Sunday!

Two posts today! It is absolutely gorgeous out today - I got some sun on my pale sticks and we ventured into town for a walk in the sun and a bit of ice cream to boot. These are some of the imaged I captured today! (The reflection shots are rather interesting....if you look closely you can see what's going on on the other side of the glass...)

Reflection in the glass door

Bright colors


Double the duck fun

When I'm not barefoot, these are the summer kicks

A gate to nowhere

Love his feet floating behind him

Sophie & Archow

Dogwoods and the Lafayette

A lone duck

These reflection shots are FUN


Ok, I have to share this recipe. Since I have (mostly) given up grains, I find it's rare that I miss them or anything made from them. However, there are a few foods that I find myself craving. One particular is a breakfast favorite: pancakes. Or waffles. Or both! And it seems that everywhere I look lately someone is mentioning making them, sharing recipes about them and taking photos of them. So I set out to find a version appropriate to my way of eating....and in my many excursions to find an alternative recipe for such deliciousness, I found this primal version. I am pleased to share the recipe - as well as to say that these are AMAZINGLY delightful! Extremely easy to make and perfect for those of us who need or want to be gluten free. Enjoy!!

                                          Midas Gold Pancakes/Waffles
                                          1 cup almond flour
                                          4 eggs
                                          2 Tblsp honey
                                          1 Tsp vanilla
                                          1/4 Tsp baking soda
                                          1/4 Tsp salt

                                          Beat eggs in bowl with whisk. Add honey, vanilla & beat til smooth.
                                          Add almond flour, salt & baking soda, mix well with whisk. Pour
                                          into hot waffle iron or skillet w/olive oil for pancakes.

**If you don't have almond flour, simply take almonds and put in food processor. Blend until flour like consistency. I haven't made waffles, I just make the pancakes. I heat olive oil on a medium heat, then pour the batter in. Be warned, these are not going to be as fluffy as regular pancakes - and they will have a tendency to stick. Just keep loosening with a spatula. Once both sides look evenly cooked they are done. I use real butter and defrost some sort of frozen berries - I prefer blueberries - and pour over top in place of syrup. They are scrumptious, healthy and filling!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zoom and Macro for Saturday Night Dinner

I found some fabulous macro filters that belonged to my uncle. They fit the 52mm Minolta lens that was his also. So a few photos are practice shots with the macro filters. The moon shots are taken with the zoom lens. Yes, I had to use the tripod - that lens is heav-y! I did crop them so it would be easier to see the detail.

{I should have taken photos of the amazing kabobs I made for dinner for my parents, Scott and I tonight. They were so good photographing them was the *last* thing on my mind!}

Vintage clip

Black and white vintage clip

Coke is it! 




Moon II

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Night - and 78 Years Prohibition Free!!

I ventured into town tonight to meet up with a dear friend and took a few photos. A few are from around mi casa also.....


Ah, Holden

Pier 1 plate

Tree reflection in a pool of water




Tree take II

Whiskey Time!

The beast caught in his natural habitat