Monday, June 27, 2011


This was written a few years ago, but I find it still relevant to my life today.

There are events in time that stand out. Like the name and handprints of a child permanently marked in cement, certain moments will be forever engraved in your mind. And these moments may grow less intense, may not appear as vivid, but they remain. Hours and days and years pass, but they are always there. Always with you, these milestones. These markers of a memory you cannot escape. Each passing tick of the clock moves you further away, yet you return. You mark your progress against them. They are as etched into you as you are in them. Like the waves of the ocean, the movement of time pushes you further away, and then pulls you back. Its always there, that moment. It won't let you forget it.

Beauty In the Moment

I couldn't pass up this opportunity this morning. I absolutely love sunlight on fog streaming through the seems mystical, majestic even. (Or maybe I just haven't had my coffee yet?) I'm just glad I caught it....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wild Wild Life

I can't help it, sometimes song lyrics get lodged in my brain and then become blog post titles...
These not so little wild 'shrooms are pushing up in my back yard. I don't know if they're edible, but if they would be, they would make one hell of a meal!

"Fog" courtesy of temperature change on my lens - from indoor to out!

The lone sentinel.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'll Be Decked

Mmmm, basil! A summertime fave herb!

Butterfly bush

Hummingbird feeder

I finally got a blue hydrangea!

Harry loves deck time

Summer calls for time spent outdoors. We fancied up our deck with our newly painted antique chairs, potted plants and a sweet chimnea. The boyf also made our fish pond all that it should be. Viva la summer!

Fire & Glass

Glass and fire - a perfect summer combination. New pitcher & shots from the chimnea....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Manual Dexterity

I was searching through the archives of my blog today in hopes of finding the right piece of writing for some contests I plan to enter. In the process of looking through each entry, I noticed quite a difference in the quality of my photography before and after the lens adapter and vintage lenses came into play. I noticed a marked improvement from the first few attempts at the shots with the manual adjust lenses to my later work.

It's easy for me to see that I have much to learn in the ways of lighting and technique, but it's a challenge I am ready to take on. There is something rewarding about taking photos with a manual lens. Don't misunderstand, I'm very pleased with the results from the automatic lens. I just find it more creative if I have to adjust the lens until the photo is just right by my standards. Creative control, perhaps? Either way, it's what lured me into photography all those years ago. I feel inspired to go home and take some photos tonight!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Love

I was thinking of how fast summer snuck in - and what I would like to actually do this year. I'm making a small list so that I can easily accomplish my goals. They are:

1) Go to the Drive In Theatre....yes, we still have one! The future hubs hasn't had this delicious experience yet, so we must go!

2) Ride on the local sternwheeler, The Valley Gem. It's been a few years, and I feel it's a summer must.

3) Make sangria - the right way! Enjoyed out on the deck after a good grilled dinner with friends.

4) Hit up the pool as much as possible! Fortunately I have two open invites to make this goal a reality :)

5) Go rollerskating. Yes, rollerskating! I haven't done it in years, it's time to see if I still have some sweet moves...

While there are many other enjoyable events I would like to partake in, being a homeowner must take presedence over too much fun. I'm betting I can squeeze these five goals in, though! Happy (early) summer!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


A few photos from around the home front this weekend - we've been busy working on projects.....