Thursday, January 5, 2012


Time: linear? Circular? Relative? I'm trying to decipher all these interpretations of something we have no control over - and from some of my reading I am inclined to take into consideration that each moment we hold dear could still be happening, in another plane or dimension. The thought of time travel has always been fascinating, as well as wormholes and the consequences of screwing with time. Though according to theories, it doesn't seem as far fetched as you might think. Then again, I may have had too many years contemplating such notions - and reading such scientific theories just seems natural. Perhaps I'll expand more on this concept in another post, for the moment I only wanted to share a song that, no matter what moment of time I may be in - and someone else who I miss so dearly is in - at the moment this song is played, we are in a moment of our own. Because time is not linear, and things do not go from beginning to end, point A to point B - there is something greater than that. It is a beautiful and more passionate view of how our lives coordinated - take that as you wish. For now, I'm going to do my own time travels and find myself in a place that is not now, is not then - but somewhere in between......and I know who I will find there.

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