Monday, February 7, 2011

Death, Come Knocking

Another year arrives, and another friend is gone. These things happen the longer you watch your friends and family slip away. And sometimes these moments come with no suprise, while other times it's as if someone stole the air from your lungs when you get the news. I reeled at the words staring at me from my phone screen - I just couldn't really grasp the truth glaring at me. In fact, I'm still floating down the river of De-Nile. Sometimes words just can't really explain this feeling, sometimes reality seems far removed when you stop to think of a person so full of life and laughter that you will not see again. Ever. All that you have are memories of times past, moments that are now surronded in a brighter, sharper focus. Because you know this is all that is left and there will be nothing new to replace what you have.

I'll miss you Chance "LaPants" - you always made me laugh. And no matter the trouble you may have found yourself in, I never thought less of you. My memories will always be great ones concerning you - I never doubted your sincerity for an instant. I can only hope that, should there be more than this brief wink of existence on Earth, you are laughing right now and waiting to see all of us again. Rest in peace, my friend.

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