Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Musings....

I came home to find diamonds hanging from my tree. Which led to some outdoor beauts and then I was inspired to mess around indoors with my camera.....

 Rainy nights make for fun photo sessions...
 I actually caught rain drops in this photo - using SPORT setting. Was not my intention, which makes this photo that much sweeter.
 Water drops on a limb.
 Black and white water drops on a limb.
 Close up....
 Double drips.
 Single diamond drip.
 Reflections on the deck.
 Black and white deck - for contrast.
 Mirror self portait.
 Wall prints, black and white.
 Self portrait in mirror - 1
Self portrait in mirror - 2
 Black and white self portrait in mirror - 3
 Black and white - table.
 Close up - berries.
 Black and white - boots - 1
Antique -boots - 2

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