Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Princess and the Pea?

When I was young I was quite gullible, believing those fairy tales where happily ever after was a potential reality. A child has no concept of what reality truly is until the teenage years descend upon them in a flurry of hormonal insanity - and herein lies the time frame that the heart really starts to learn about the consequences of love. My father says I'm a hopeless romantic, to which I believe the man is kind enough not to tell me I am an outright fool.

It is true, though. I believe that one day love will conquer all, no matter how much cynicism I coat everything with. And yet again, just recently I fell for the charms of another such charlatan, promising me the stars and all my dreams within fingers reach......

I wonder, when will I finally say enough is enough? When will I finally come to see that there is no fairy tale ending, that the life that my little child self believed in, will never be? How many lies and deceits will I tolerate before I call bullshit??

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