Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ghosts Among Us

I know it's been some time between posts...at the moment my Internet connection is non-existent so the photos I have to share will come later. For now, today - I simply have a few thoughts. Enjoy at your leisure....

It occurs to me, as I sit at my work desk, that I am in love with ghosts. By that I do not mean the transparent apparitions that are said to haunt us, though in a way I suppose it is possibly the same thing, really. My love affairs are like this: most of the men I fall in love with are not close by and so therefore they are proximity loves. Crushes that are unattainable.....perhaps in this age of digital and technological advances this doesn't seem an oddity at all. I keep correspondence via emails and text messages and occasional phone conversations, but real life interactions are few. So in a sense, these men that I love and that claim to reciprocate said feeling, they are not real. They are not in a physical sense loving me, nor I them. We just co-exist in different planes of reality that cross due to some sort of electrical blips that connect us.

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