Friday, May 6, 2011


The colossal giant stands before me
The keeper of my dreams and demons
This place I met myself in
This place that became a part of me

Even now, years later it haunts me
Fills my nights with twisted memories
Of roaming through its underbelly
Searching for an escape

This place that fostered my insecurities
Nurtured my fears and doubts
Left me questioning my own abilities
Discouraged me from flying away

I look at it from the outside now
Thankful I was able to wrench free
From the clutches, or so I thought
It still holds me close to its massive structure

One day I may enter it, briefly
If only to silence its constant chatter
To see it for what it really is
A big pile of bricks, nothing more

For it never was about the building
Nor the institution that it houses
It's always been about my inability
To forgive myself of my youth

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