Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite Words

I had posted on my favorite words the other day, but sadly Blogger must have had a munchie attack and ate them. Boo. So whatever brilliant musings I had openly shared about my fantastic writing talent have been lost forever. I will do my best to recapture my witty and amazingly intelligent prose now:

Jigger (a unit to measure alcohol)

Hornswoggle (hoax)

Jejunum (part of the small intestines)

Dilapidated (falling in on itself)

Discombobulated (confused)

Imbibe (drink alcoholic beverages)

Ephemera (fleeting, temporary)

Nomenclature (act of naming)

Onomatopoeia (words describing sound - SPLASH, DRIP)

Whimsical (fanciful)

These are broad definitions of each word - check with Google or your dictionary for more in-depth definitions if you must :)

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