Wednesday, January 12, 2011

But what does it mean?

I've thought about setting up about 20 different blogs. Yes, at least. I get all these great ideas in my head and want to share with the world....and then things change. Or something takes my focus away. Or numerous other excuses I could  make. So, I decided to get back to at least one of them. I do writing. I do some photography. People want to see/read both - though not simultaneously. Well, that's too bad because I'm putting up both types of work here on this blog. Some posts will feature my writing, some my photography. Feel free to lurk around and enjoy and critique. I (think) can take it!

But what does Jen Squared mean? you may ask. Originally, I had a far different concept of what I wished for this little blog. Life had other plans. So, I'll tell you this: sometimes I feel like there are two sides to me. That would make two of me...or, Jen Squared. I hope you enjoy my creativity and my sauciness. They sort of go together hand in hand - if you will.

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