Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warhol Article (written for a client 2010)

Pop Art. Andy Warhol, the man responsible for introducing this new take on art to the world. Taking common every day images and putting a new spin on them is just one of many forms of art Warhol was involved with. Media works such as silk screening, film, television and publishing were other forms of his creative outlets. Very talented and visionary, Warhol also did illustrating for magazines and advertising, as well as designing covers for vinyl records. Every day items, such as Campbell’s soup cans, paper money and Cocoa Cola bottles became points of inspiration for Warhol's silk screen Pop Art. Paintings of celebrities of his time were also part of this movement: one that is still widespread in today’s art world. Such celebrity icons as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Pressley, Elizabeth Taylor and many others have been forever emblazoned in our minds from Warhol’s distinct take on the world as he saw it.

Andy Warhol, still to this day, is a cultural icon in his own right. Known in America for his wide social circle and eccentric ways, he became a person who was well revered and eventually even reached international celebrity.  Warhol’s' reign in the art world began in the fifties, with his first art show in 1952. Warhol continued producing art well into the seventies. His sway continued into the eighties. Warhol was born in Pennsylvania in 1928, and died after a routine surgery on his gallbladder in 1987. One of his last projects in eighty-six was an MTV show titled "Fifteen Minutes". Warhol coined the phrase "Fifteen minutes of fame" a catch phrase still used widely in today’s communication.

While there is much more to be said of his work, there is little doubt that Warhol is still considered a very influential presence in today’s art world. His life’s work is housed in a museum in his hometown of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  Could he have known that his art would still be prevalent today, or that he would have his own edifice to showcase his works? One can only speculate, but Warhol would surely be pleased to know that his 'fifteen minutes' are still alive and ticking.

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