Saturday, May 14, 2011

C is for Cupcake

I've decided to take the INSANITY challenge. P90X has great reviews, I know people who have done it & recommend it with glowing results. I've considered it.....but then I saw the advertisement for INSANITY. Perhaps the name itself just seemed fitting - or the fact that this intense workout is 60 days, as opposed to 90. I don't know, but I've been feeling unmotivated and grizzly like of late. It's time for a change and Shaun T is apparently going to become my worst enemy and best friend all rolled into one. It is due to arrive next Wednesday - and from what I gather, my life will never be the same. I hope these words don't come back to bite me in the ass - but I thought if I posted my weekly results here, I would be more likely to stick it out. Did I mention the free T you get upon finishing? You snap some before and after photos and they send you a free shirt. I swear, THAT was the main motivating factor for me. Just kidding. Kind of. Anyway, I will hold myself more accountable to working out because I will hide my face in shame otherwise.

So while my dear friends are still stuffing their faces with cupcakes and watching weekly for my results, I'll be sweating like a mofo and getting ripped. Yep, that means no more cupcakes for this chick! I'm looking forward to viewing what happens to be under my layers of 'insulation'. Tune in next Thursday - if I am still able to type by that point!

**Actually, I've decided to keep track of my progress at my other blog: - go check it out!**

(Want to check out the workout? Click on the link below!----> I'm not affiliated with Beach Body in anyway, only sharing the link where you can find the workout. Also, should you decide to try it make sure you read the disclosures on health issues and consulting your doctor and such. Just sayin'!)

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  1. i had a cupcake for breakfast yesterday. If this kills you can I have your Minolta to EF lens mount adapter?