Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Sea of Chaos

I find myself wandering in a strange land, where nothing seems to make sense. And then I realize that this is now my daily routine. Living out of cardboard boxes and seeing multi-colored walls daily is an oddity, but it is slowly becoming the norm. I'm trying to make sense of this chaos, trying to formulate a plan to help me achieve homoestasis. I need that.

While floundering from my new status, I am also swimming in a sea of self doubt trying to regain some control over my future. Options! There are many, but which path will lead to a comfortable and satisfying new way of life. Which to choose? Again, I am uncertain. I hope beyond hope that something will come along, soon, to get the process moving in the direction it should....because it will be getting cold soon. I need a warm home to call my own, with all the familiarities that go along with that feeling.I need a solid plan for the future. I need a family again.

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