Saturday, March 12, 2011

Black and White and Flooded

I took more photos today - some of the flood and some just because the opportunity was there. All are in black and white.

Lake George

Behind Food 4 Less

Beside bike trail

Williamstown Bridge

Marietta Country Club

By Levee House Cafe

Bike Path 

Wall/Dock beside Lafayette Hotel

Beside Don Drumm Stadium

In front of Marietta Condos

Good Advice - Galley

Sign inside Galley




Taken courtesy of a bridge pedestrian :)

Walking bridge to Harmar Village

Old Harmar Train bridge


Wayne Street 


Tree 1

Tree 2

Scott and the statue

Stairs to river - flooded

Archie smiles

Archie in the distance

Rex Goliath = mmmmmm

Alice and the carafe

Fin - a glass of Pinot Noir to end a lonnnnng day out!

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