Wednesday, March 23, 2011

750 Words

So I read a comment on a blog I follow daily - the topic was Writing Therapy. Very interesting read in itself, however the comment that drew my attention contained information on a site called - I tried signing up for it but will have to try at home. (My work computer is a bit on the elderly side...sigh.) It seems like a brilliant idea (and one I have come across before), but an idea that I haven't really given much thought to. Until today. I wax and wane on my writing, as I do with my photography and any other creative outlet in my life. I can honestly blame a portion of my slacking on my work schedule. And my six animals that need attention, and the house that I now live in (as opposed to a small apartment - two story houses and six animals require some daily maintenance!!). Soon the outdoor chores will really impose on my time - but if I can churn out 750 words per day, I can really feel a sense of accomplishment. As well as purge some of those nasty self destructive thoughts that float around in my head. Just exploring that many thoughts daily might really be the answer to quite a few things that plague me daily. I mean, it's been said many times to me to 'get out of my head'. I used to believe it was because I am an only child that my brain worked in overdrive. Or perhaps it's my Type A personality (so I've been told) or any number of ridiculous solutions to a problem that only seems to perplex others. Why else would they need a label for me & my 'problems'. Regardless, I used to spend hours writing. It was creative, it was an outlet for pain and stress in my life, and it was just part of who I am. I have no idea how many words are scattered across this piece of cyber paper, but for now, it will suffice for a daily purging of mind ghouls. I've got to figure out how to get logged into this 750words blog so I can really let some things outta my head, but in a private setting. After all, isn't that purpose of a diary?

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