Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm not quite sure how it happened. I've just been minding my P's and Q's and making plans for the future. Plans that include a career change in the next few years - something based in the logical realm. Of course, continuing along with my massage - that won't change. But what *has* changed is that I just might be adding a new venture to my already growing list of 'jobs'. This, of course, is my photography. I've dabbled in it throughout the years - beginning in elementary school when I was a 4-H member. I placed 2nd at the County Fair for my photography project. I was using a simple 110 camera - I lost to an older member who was using a 35mm for his project. I should have pursued it a bit more, but hindsight being what it is...

Later I received a digital camera for my HS graduation and used it strictly for fun - continuing to use disposable cameras to capture life and good memories. (Remember the joy and agony of picking up the film?) Again, I did some photography projects for my own joy. Then, last year I decided owning a 35mm Canon Rebel XS was the way to go. Lately I've found myself scouring the web for info on digital photography and lenses...oh the lenses to choose from!!

I've had so much fun snapping photos and editing them with iPhoto on my Mac! Sharing them on my social media account and here have garnered many compliments as well as encouragement to print & sell. Funny, something that was only a hobby has possibly turned into more. Life has interesting forks and side roads for us to take.

Now I just have to buy more lenses..... ;)

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