Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting To Know You

It almost sounds romantic, 'getting to know you'. And, I suppose to a degree, it is. Because I'm falling in love. Yes, in LOVE. With my camera. And my lenses. And all of the wonderful ways I can take photos! I know, I know. I should have made my acquaintance with my camera when I first got it. Last year. Ahem, forgive me my hastiness. I just never really took the time to learn all the delightful things my Canon could do. And, because of the advice of a good couples counselor; aka my good friend (who knows his Canon a LOT better than I know mine :), I have begun getting to know all about my Rebel. He's quite a gifted guy!

Translation - I'm learning all about the 'exposure triangle'. Here are some photos I took while fussing with my ISO and aperture. I have much to learn - but my time tonight was limited. So enjoy my first 'lesson'!

PS-I'm only showing the ones I thought turned out pretty decent. And, I did not edit any of these photos - I thought showing them in raw form (not RAW - that's on my list o' things to tackle later on) would be more appealing. Besides, when you get to know someone, don't you always see the good first? ;)


Water bottle
Harold (my favorite of the group!)

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