Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Love Poem

Idle Thoughts to my Lover

I give myself to you completely, without hesitation
These moments do not present themselves often
I become so entranced by you, so taken in....
I cannot catch my breath

These unrequited moments are
Jewels in my chest of memories
I contemplated the next stolen passage of time
I will be consumed with you, not mere thoughts

You invade every aspect of my life
Memories of tangled forms in the darkness
Come to my conscience at inopportune times
Leaving me to explain a sudden sigh

I remember your smell, the feel of your skin
The way my name sounds from your lips
Details so vivid in my memory, my heart
Yet I share them with no one

I cannot thank you enough for reawakening me
For instilling joy and hope within me once more
I had forgotten such emotions were nestled inside
Surrendering to you is my expression of gratitude....

~I've rediscovered some of my previous work. Though I do not know the date it was written, I believe either '99 or '00.~

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