Sunday, April 3, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I've finally found my inspiration. I think it took a hike when the teasing of spring dissipated. It has, however, found me again. 
                    PS ~ I find that I prefer using my old lenses as opposed to my newer love of vintage precedes  me yet again.....

A bottle of Bolla...

Waiting for a new coat

Snow on summer chairs

I love my retro deck chairs

Water droplets on the siding

The leather sofa


Misty morning fog

Sunlight through the fog

When pigs fly

Another mirror reflection

The best nude

Snowy morning hillside

Sunlight through the blinds

Sunlight kissing the door

Sunlight through the fog and pine

Track lights

Sunlight and fog

Morning fog 

Ice on the window

Ice on the windshield


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