Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zoom and Macro for Saturday Night Dinner

I found some fabulous macro filters that belonged to my uncle. They fit the 52mm Minolta lens that was his also. So a few photos are practice shots with the macro filters. The moon shots are taken with the zoom lens. Yes, I had to use the tripod - that lens is heav-y! I did crop them so it would be easier to see the detail.

{I should have taken photos of the amazing kabobs I made for dinner for my parents, Scott and I tonight. They were so good photographing them was the *last* thing on my mind!}

Vintage clip

Black and white vintage clip

Coke is it! 




Moon II

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  1. email me the moon shot so I can check the info like I was telling you about. I can't when it is posted here.
    yes, food was really good....oh, I just thought of something else to use instead of the sticks. Will send you a pic of it!
    thanks....nice to hang out with you guys!