Friday, April 1, 2011


Today is April 1st (no foolin' today, promise!) - and I am starting my 30 day challenge. Again. Going back to my Primal way of life - and by that I mean eating habits and work outs. There are other ways to feel more Primal, live more Primal. I don't plan to wax eternal here about such things - you all already know where to find this information should you want to give it a whirl.

I plan is to not only get back to a more healthy state of mind and body, but to also declutter a lot of areas in my life. Cutting out toxic folks, reorganizing and clearing out my work and living spaces. I've already started on my work area. Just by purchasing a few new items for my desk and tossing out unnecessary junk, I feel more productive!
My house requires me to start and finish the projects I have in mind; as well as sorting out clothing, shoes, etc and finding new homes for them.

Lastly, I am planning to buckle down and finally make a BIG decision on how to follow my heart in matters of a career. I've really waffled on this for some time - and my time is running short. So this month is all about transforming into a better version of myself. I have no unrealistic notions that I'm going to change into this perfect version of myself, because that is utter nonsense! However, I do plan to carve out the path to my happiness.

Oh, and I have also signed up to write 750 words each day for the entire month. I'd like to attempt to take photos daily as well. Stretching the creative muscle could result in a transformation all its own! {Speaking of, I will have photos posted this weekend - for those who are missing my images!} I will be updating weekly on my challenge progress - any more than that is bound to bore you, dear reader. It would also bore me! So happy April Fools - here's to a month of good changes!

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